Social Worker Salary

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Social Worker Salary

Social Worker

Social Worker Salary

A social worker is responsible for the care of socially excluded persons particularly the ones experiencing crisis. They provide support in a professional manner as they guide the service users to get over the critical phase of their lives. There are cases wherein they have to work hand in hand with other social care staff. Their profession is focused on the improving of quality life and promoting social justice in a society. To say it in a short way, social workers are people devoted to helping people function the best they can.

Typically, social workers work with young people and their family. Most of them could have been experiencing social problems like addiction whether to drugs or alcohol.  They work for the mentally challenged, physically challenged, the out of school youths, and the elderly too.  They are found in public agencies, private businesses, hospitals, clinic, schools, nursing homes, private practices, police departments, courts and other fields, They work as therapists as well as researchers.

The social worker salary depends on five aspects. These are the following:

1.  Length of Service. For those who are practicing their profession in less than a year, they receive an annual pay of 30,000 to $35,000. On the other hand, social workers who have worked for five to nine years, the yearly salary ranges from $35,000 to $45,000. While for those who have social works for ten to nineteen years, the salary comes from around $45,000.

2.  Type of Employment.  A worker hired by non-profit companies could earn a yearly income at $27,000 to $36,000 while a worker hired by federal government agencies, may be paid a yearly sum of appropriately $28,000 to $44,000.

3.  Level of experience and position in an organization. The more experience that a social worker has, the more he will be paid. A beginner shall earn lesser than the ones who have more experience. The position also has something to say about the salary. Those with higher position would earn greater than the ones in lower ranks.

4.  Location.  Different states have different level of salary with New York giving the highest pay with average 65,000 dollars onward.

5. Based on Education Level.  The average salary of a social worker with a bachelor’s degree is $40,000. For the social workers with master’s degree, their average salary is $63,000. The professionals with a doctorate earn an average of $70,000. Experience and competence may dictate the bracket of salary they will fit in.

Some would choose to practice their profession as a self-employed social worker. They can make an annual salary of around $24,000 to $51,000.

Overall, there could be positions and instances wherein a social worker can earn lesser or higher than the basic salary.  Most of the time, it will be based on the competency of an individual. The higher they are paid, the more responsibility that they will have to carry on. In this light, if one is thinking of how much money he can make as a social worker, it has to be like any other profession where you have to start from down. But it is important to consider that working in this field, requires an enduring passion for it.  After all this profession benefits the society in as much as relationship and harmony is concerned.


Top Ten High Paid Social Worker Salary In the State

Please find the fresh update of list of top ten high paid social worker salary in the state due to Indeed so that you could compare and expect to your idea working environment and how high you could get paid. We will keep update the information for your convenient reference

1. New York


2. Masschusetts


3. Washingtong DC


4. American Samoa


5. Georgia





7. Illinois


8. California


9. Mississippi

26 10. New Jersey


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